Dominica Reopening to Tourists in August

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Officials from the island nation of Dominica announced it would reopen its borders to foreign visitors beginning on August 7.

Dominica’s Minister for Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives, Denise Charles, said that all travelers arriving at the country would need to follow the new health and safety protocols put in place to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Tourists arriving at the island nation must obtain a negative COVID-19 test result recorded 24 to 72 hours before arriving and complete an online questionnaire at least 24 hours in advance.
Once travelers arrive in Dominica, they will undergo a series of checks, including rapid test screening. If the tourists test positive or show possible signs of illness, they are required to quarantine at a government facility or a certified hotel.

As for Dominica citizens, they were able to return home on July 15. In total, Dominica reported no coronavirus deaths and only 18 confirmed cases, making it one of the least affected countries in the world.
“The reopening of borders will be done in a phased manner, with nationals allowed to return home from July 15 in phase one for travel by air [via] Douglas Charles and Canefield Airport,” Charles said. “All travelers, including non-nationals, can travel to the Nature Island from August 7, 2020, as part of phase two of the reopening of borders – if all goes well.”

Earlier this month, the Caribbean’s health and tourism authorities’ COVID-19 Caribbean Tourism Task Force announced a new initiative to help safeguard the health of travelers and employees.
The team unveiled comprehensive health and safety guidelines supported by an aggressive training schedule aimed at reaching thousands of the region’s tourism employees in the coming weeks and months.

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